Norman Music Festival X

A brief gallery of some of my favorite shots from my college town’s annual festival.

Sex Snobs

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Oddisee & Good Company



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Limp Wizurds


Weekly Highlights: 6/26-7/2

The first highlight of the week goes to Aesop Rock for his music video for “Kirby”.

The video is everything I could have imagined and really compliments the song that is already so great on its own.  I mean, who doesn’t love puppets and kittens?

One big announcement that was made this week is the lineup for Sound On Sound Festival that will be having its first event in Austin, TX this fall.

For a first year festival, the lineup is very solid and offers an array of various genres but is mostly directed towards a more underground audience.  The price is also a fantastic incentive, with 3 day passes starting at only a little over $180 after service fees and taxes.  In my opinion, it appears that Sound On Sound is attempting to emulate a Pitchfork Music Festival vibe in an Austin setting.

In the realm of album releases, we saw two major artists drop their music out of nowhere despite prior release dates already being in place.  First, we have Blood Orange unveiling Freetown Sound, which is a follow-up to his 2013 release of Cupid Deluxe.  I haven’t given this album a full listen, but I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far.  Perhaps I’ll write a review if I find time in the midst of all these summer LPs.

Featured Image for It happened! How to listen to The Avalanches new album, ‘Wildflower’

The second and definitely more surprising release comes from The Avalanches, with their highly anticipated album Wildflower dropping an entire week before the day that everyone was expecting.  I have given this album a few listens cover to cover, but I will hold my tongue for a review that will hopefully be out relatively soon.

Lastly, we have news as of today that Frank Ocean’s long awaited follow up to Channel Orange might be here as soon as sometime this month.  This rumor comes from an image uploaded onto his website with an assortment of dates that have been updated/ crossed off, with July (date obscured) 2016 being the last date on the list.

It would be in all of our best interests if we just passed this off as nothing in order to avoid getting our hopes shut down, but my sixth sense tells me that this could finally be the moment that we’ve all been waiting for.

That about covers it for this week.  Stay tuned for more reviews and news in the near future.  Have a great 4th of July weekend!