Weekly Highlights: 7/10-7/16

This week’s news is rather slim, though there are a few notable announcements worth mentioning.

Starting off, we have two new Death Grips videos out this week that promote their latest release Bottomless Pit.  The first video lacks sole (I’ll see myself out) but the effects used on “Eh” are actually very cool and definitely finds a spot on my list of great videos of 2016.

Starting with the bad:

Ending with the good:

Among the series of rumors and unknowns spread through the airwaves, one in particular that caught my eye is the reassurance that The Mars Volta are still alive and strong.  In a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, Omar Rodríguez-López (the band’s lead guitarist) spoke about how the group will “eventually” get back together.  At this point, it’s only a waiting game.

 If you’re looking for something a bit more surreal, you might want to check out H3H3’s latest video on their main channel.  Months after their DJ Khaled mockumentary, they’ve finally found the homogeneous khalidius.  It’s full of funny and uncomfortable moments that reinforce the reason why I keep watching this cool couple.


Lastly, Pitchfork Music Festival is happening this weekend and there is a ton of great coverage happening on YouTube and their website.  If you’re interested in seeing Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, Kamasi Washington or anyone under the lineup then it’s definitely worth checking out.  I would be there myself, but I have decided to go to Sound On Sound Festival later this year.  I’ll make sure to upload some cool content and personal stories from that experience.

That’s all for this week!  I’m working on a review for YG’s new album so be looking for that at some point in the coming days.  Have a great weekend!

Author: rednpinkfish

Kaelan Deese is a junior at the University of Oklahoma. He is currently attempting a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. Kaelan is a pretty cool cat so feel free to scratch him behind the ears.

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