The Avalanches: Colours

The legendary plunderphonics group have just released the second single from their upcoming album Wildflower, and it serves as a reassurance more than anything else.

When “Frankie Sinatra” released just a few weeks ago, many reactions to the song were positive, but there were those (including myself to an extent) that felt underwhelmed by the “should be incredible” features that are on the track that included Danny Brown and MF Doom.  With a duo like that, it would seem almost impossible for it to not be excellent.  Unfortunately, many of Danny’s lines are lackluster, and MF Doom’s presence is surprisingly forgettable.  On top of that, the overall sound is reminiscent to “electro swing”, which would be detrimental to the originality of this project, especially considering the impossible standard that Since I left You set back in 2000.

That being said, “Colours” is a song that will cause any skeptic to once again have faith in the band to create a worthy successor to their first product.  The track opens up with a quick yet atmospheric sample of various sounds mixed with a pitched up vocal part that repeats the word “colours” a few times.  The beat immediately picks up following this intro with a dreamy melody that sounds like a record playing backwards along with a band attempting to make music with it, and it truly works.  Lyrics are present but are either unintelligible or too vague to really hold any meaning, but by no means is that a drawback.  However, there is not much contrast throughout the song once the initial chorus is delivered.  There is a rhythm solo around the midway point, but other than that the chorus simply loops until it progressively becomes stripped down for a nicely executed outro.  I can see this track being placed between two energetic songs on the album in order to create a more diverse listening experience.

The main reason why I appreciate this release is that it proves that The Avalanches are not settling to letting their sampled parts drive the music that they produce.  I think that was the primary issue with “Frankie Sinatra”, and how it felt like a simple calypso song with a hip-hop beat placed over it.  As long as the other tracks follow the same creative direction as “Colours”, I’m anticipating a fantastic release come July 8th.

Author: rednpinkfish

Kaelan Deese is a junior at the University of Oklahoma. He is currently attempting a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish. Kaelan is a pretty cool cat so feel free to scratch him behind the ears.

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